How to log in to lynda on a mobile device using library card

This guide will show you how to log in to lynda using the mobile app.

Before you start

  • You will need a your library card number and pin.
  • You will need a compatible smartphone or tablet running iOS 7.0+ (iPhone & iPad), Android (2.3.3 and up) or Windows 8 with an internet connection.
  • You need to download and install the app from your relevant app store (App store, Google Play or Windows store). More information about the mobile app.

Please note: the process below was performed on a iPhone 5S smartphone, but it should be the same for other apple, android or windows devices.


  1. From the app screen on your device click on the icon


    Fig 1 – mobile app icon


  2. Click on the menu button (usually in the top left)


    Fig 2 – Menu on the iphone app


  3. Select Login from the menu


    Fig 3 – Select ‘Log in’ from the menu


  4. Select Organization tab from the login page.


    Fig 3 – Select ‘Organization’ tab


  5. From the organization login screen go to the section Web portal and type your library’s portal url like ‘’ in the text box. Review few list of library portal as listed below.

    1. Toronto Public Library –
    2. Mississauga Library –
    3. Brampton Library –
    4. Richmond Public Library –
    5. Pickering Library  –
    6. Ottawa Public Library –
    7. London Public Library –
    8. Oshawa Public Library –
    9. Hamilton Public Library –


    Fig 4 – Web portal log in box

  6. Tap on Log in. You will then be taken to the Web Portal ‘Single Sign-on’ page (as shown below).


    Fig 5 – Web Portal Single Sign-on page


  7. Enter your usual library card number & pin.
  8. Tap Login. You will now be asked to open app installed on your device.

    Fig 1 – Open in “” alert

  9. Tap on “Open” and you will be logged into your account using your library card access for
  10. Hooray! Now enjoy and start learning new skills.